Patras Court rejects an extrtadition request from Georgia

Patras Court rejects on political persecution grounds an extrtadition request from Georgia against the former Chief of the Constitutional Security Department David Akhalaia on charges of murder, torture and abuse of power.

Counsel for the extraditee Ilias Anagnostopoulos comments:
“This is a victory for human rights and the rule of law and calls for a review of the Georgian Goverment’s policy towards key state officials under the former President Mikhel Saakashvili”.

After a lengthy trial the Court issued its decision on October 16, 2014 ruling that Akhalaia’s poltical asylum request on political persecution grounds, which is currently being considered by the Greek authorities, bars his extradition to Georgia.
The case will be re-examined by Areios Pagos, Greece’s supreme court, following an appeal by the Patras Procecutor’s Office against the decision.
Ilias Anagnostopoulos and Ioannis Tolakis advise and represent Mr Akhalaia in these extradition proceedings.